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About Kent Engineering 

At Kent Engineering, we believe truth brings light. As an engineering firm, our purpose is to pursue the truth with humility—and we do that through engineering consulting and inspection. 

Failures, accidents, deterioration, and underperformance are facts of life, and people often learn the most when things go wrong. When it comes to our infrastructure, however, there is no room for error. We inspect to identify failures before they happen, and when they do happen, we go through our process to identify the cause and origin. We specialize in materials and mechanical engineering, and we have the capacity to perform a wide range of tests, simulations, and investigative procedures performed in our forensic laboratory. In our increasingly complex world, being safe and prepared is more important than ever. We put humility and service at the forefront and work together to ensure the client is well represented, the system is performing, and everyone goes home to their families at the end of the day.

We do this—find truth and bring light—through a proven four-step process. We first identify the problem before assembling a team of experts who have the technical knowledge necessary to investigate the failure. Once we have the team in place, we begin our investigation, following careful research protocols. Once we’ve discovered the cause of the failure and the “why” behind it, we report our findings in the clearest, truest way possible. 


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Randy Kent

Founder and principal of Kent Engineering, Randy Kent is a registered professional engineer with over 32 years of experience in failure analysis and mechanical engineering forensics. His expertise has been sought in developing the industry-standard ASM Handbook series, International Fatigue Congress publications, with over 100 depositions, trials, and arbitrations to his name. In addition to his work at Kent Engineering, Randy is a professor of materials engineering for upper-level engineering students at the University of Washington, as well an advisor of curriculum development for Haward Technology Middle East. Randy holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in in metallurgical engineering, both from the University of Washington. In his free time, Randy can be found with his wife, kids, and grandkids. He loves all adventures but especially enjoys fishing, hunting, and exploring on his boat. Get to know Randy and read more about his experience here

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BS Metallurgical Engineering, University of Washington, 1983

MS Metallurgical Engineering, University of Washington, 1986  

Professional Registration & Certification 

  • Registered Professional Engineer, State of Washington, #26530

  • Registered Professional Engineer, State of Alaska, #104472

  • Registered Residential Plumbing Inspector No. 5270226-P1 ICC (‘03-‘07)

  • Registered Certifier/Inspector, Maritime Cranes, WA Dept. Labor and Industries, #100162

  • Register Certifier/Inspector, Construction Cranes, WA Dept. Labor and Industries, #100162