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Accident Reconstruction & Forensics

Vehicle & Machine Accident Reconstruction & Forensics

Our expert professional engineers provide forensic accident reconstruction investigation and expert testimony for vehicle and machine accidents. We’re always looking for the truth about cause and liability, so you have the information you need to make qualified decisions and arguments. We pride ourselves in our experience and technical competence to establish the scientific root cause of an accident.  With over 30 years of accident reconstruction experience and more than 100 expert testimonies, we are qualified to provide the truth and a trustworthy expert testimony.

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Accident Reconstruction

We perform all investigations fully in-house, whether the accident involved human, mechanical, material, or electrical factors. Our multi-expert team gives us the flexibility to respond quickly to client requests and solve complex problems, so you can be successful.

Vehicle Forensic Investigations

The truth about cause and liability is what we’re after, because we know that information will empower our clients to make qualified decisions. The truth is often found in the engineering and science, and we pride ourselves in our experience and technical competence to establish the scientific root cause of an accident. Though we have specific accident reconstruction experts, together, as a team, we are the ultimate forensic expert.

Why utilize us for vehicle & machine accident reconstruction and forensics?

We’re committed to the truth in every sense of the word. We have the engineering experience, licenses, and expertise to deliver trustworthy engineering investigations and solutions. Our experts’ scientific approach allows them to solve problems more quickly than others in the field who use less scientific methods.


Our Experts


Mike York, MS, P.E., Materials Engineer

Mike is a senior engineer with more than 39 years in the field. He received his bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering and his master’s degree in material science, both from Oregon State University. He’s also a registered professional engineer in the state of Oregon. Mike focuses his consulting in failure analysis of materials and mechanical systems; materials testing and evaluation; weld testing and procedures; examination of fractures, components, and surfaces; and inspection of various accident types, including vehicles for motor vehicle accident reconstruction, performing speed, time, distance, and reaction-time calculations for reconstruction. Mike is also experienced in fire origin and cause analysis. He specializes in mechanical testing of materials, imaging of airbag control modules using CDR/Bosch instrumentation, fracture analysis, and slip-resistance measurements of walking surfaces using variable incidence tribometer (VIT). In his career, Mike has provided expert testimony in more than 100 trials and depositions.