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Over 50 Years of Crane Experience

Our certification team has over 50 years of crane inspection and crane engineering experience. Kent Crane inspectors and technical staff have manufacturing design experience and engineering training. Kent Crane inspectors and engineers are often the first experts called to the scene of an accident. We have provided third-party inspection and certification services for tower, mobile, and overhead cranes in the Pacific Northwest. The Kent Crane Inspection Services team includes four federally certified crane inspectors and three licensed engineers specializing in metallurgy, mechanical systems, and structures.   

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Kent Crane provides expertise in the inspection of lifting equipment. As a privately paid service, we act as contractors: If equipment needs to be evaluated, we inspect it, provide an assessment of the equipment, and offer a certification when required.

Our inspections report on federal and OSHA standards, state and local government requirements, construction and maritime governing bodies, and general safety and health, for which we generate custom certifications. Our inspections include checking structural and load-bearing components; welds; wire rope, and chains; hydraulics; tires; and all electronic components. Our process always begins with a complete visual and functional testing of all of the safety components, followed by a thorough testing of any potential safety issues—from rope wear to fire extinguisher placement. Our inspectors are professional, experienced, well-trained, and effective communicators.  

Our engineers hold certifications and perform inspections for the following crane/hoist types:

  • Man and material hoists/elevators

  • Derricks

  • Mobile cranes

  • Tower cranes & self-erectors

  • Articulating cranes

  • Cargo handling gear

  • Container cranes

  • Conveyors, spouts & suckers

  • Maritime derricks & mobile cranes

  • Overhead/bridge, jib & gantry cranes

  • Portal & pedestal cranes

  • Maritime tower cranes & self-erectors



Kent Crane has structural, mechanical, and materials crane engineers on staff. Our engineers have expertise in engineered crane modification as well as tower crane and hoist base design. After receiving the crane requirements, our engineers review the information and develop a custom base footprint for the project, considering the variables that have to be calculated in order for the crane to do what it's supposed to do safely.



Inspection is the most important step when it comes to preventing a potential accident. We inspect cranes on a regular basis, examining everything from the mechanical components like the hoist itself to the welds that hold the structural members together. An inspection, whether it’s a one-time look or a routine check-in, makes right what is wrong and prevents a future failure analysis.