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Serving Clients Across a Variety of Industries


At Kent Engineering, we provide forensic engineering and failure analysis services across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, construction, plumbing, heavy equipment and machinery, food processing, and maritime. Our staff of engineers lend their range of specialties and deep expertise to each industry, inspecting and identifying failures in order to help represent our clients well and help build new, better, more efficient, and safer systems.  



We've been retained by law firms across the country as expert witnesses in federal and state courts. We discover the cause of a mechanical or material failure and all contributing aspects of the situation in order to best represent our clients’ needs. We have represented clients from a variety of industries, both public and private entities, in the United States and abroad. Clients include state and federal governments, manufacturers, contractors, and homeowners. We have been selected by judges, plaintiffs, and defendants as the top forensic laboratory to mediate class actions in the country, and we have passed Daubert hearings in federal court without fault and with unprecedented scientific basis. 


Consider us your experts that understand how your device was made and how it properly performs. When a claim is filed with your insurance agency—whether it’s for a heavy machinery failure or a car accident—we’ll perform materials and mechanical investigation, tracing the failure or accident all the way back to its root cause to uncover the liable party. Our experience includes product liability, construction defects and heavy equipment, transportation, and evaluation of boilers and other industrial and commercial machinery. 



We offer expert inspection and analysis of residential and commercial buildings, including structures, foundations, soils, fenestration,  plumbing, sewer and gas piping systems, HVAC, and all other mechanical systems. This includes determination of code compliance, onsite inspection, and evidence retention when necessary. Our lab services include a variety of technical analysis options as well as expert witness testimony. 


We provide inspection, engineering, and redesign expertise for mobile, cargo, and tower cranes. Whether your company makes cement or manufactures farm and worksite equipment such as backhoes, excavators, forklifts, genie lifts, and cranes, we’re equipped to handle regular inspections, diagnose problems, and initiate redesigns that will help your heavy equipment and machinery operate efficiently. 



Our roots lie in the plumbing industry, and as uniquely credentialed materials and mechanical engineers, we’ve developed a deep expertise inspecting plumbing systems from start to finish—identifying the root cause of a problem, inspecting and redesigning systems as necessary, and providing the most cost effective and safe system. We regularly work with property management companies and homeowners to consult on their properties, often serving as a third-party liaison between our client, the contractor, and the city inspector.

With multiple years of experience in the design and manufacturing of pipe, fittings, and components, and with our intricate understanding of these systems, we can expertly troubleshoot your system failure or component leakage. We also understand materials and mechanical best practices and code compliance as it relates to your plumbing and fire protection systems. 


Our engineers and technicians have unparalleled industry experience in resolved product and process problems. We provide that experience to the manufacturer, allowing them to improve their product or process for generations to come. We use the newest techniques in process improvement, product performance, and safety, while leveraging our analysis tools to support and build the most advanced systems for our clients. We also provide our expertise to those with potential patents, helping our clients to bring their manufacturing ideas to life. 



Transporting goods from point A to point B is the lifeblood of many companies. We work with manufacturers to ensure their fleet is running safely and efficiently, including semi-trucks, passenger vehicles, barges, ferries, trains, airplanes, and more. This includes evaluations for debilitating corrosion, cracks, fatigue, and wear, as well as accident reconstruction. We also offer consulting and redesign on material selection, mechanical advances and fastening systems, such as specialty welds and high-performing bolting systems.


For a vessel to run smoothly and safely, its propulsion system, cathodic protection system, and structure need to be cared for. When it comes to vessel troubleshooting, we’re experts in the efficient and safe detection, testing, and redesign of systems. At Kent Engineering, the investigation includes components such as marine diesels corroded cooling systems, broken mooring systems, cleats, leaking heat exchanges, prop cavitation, air and fuel exhaust, and conducting hull analysis. Our portfolio includes shipping vessels, passenger vessels, fishing vessels, and personal vessels. 



Mechanical systems keep dirt, metal, and harmful chemicals from entering the food chain, and in turn, entering the mass market. To detect and intercept problems that could lead to impure foods and processes, we evaluate everything from stainless steel dairy processing equipment to chrome-plated applesauce rollers to controlled-atmosphere storage rooms.