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Kent Engineering is your expert partner for engineering analysis and forensics. We provide a variety of services—from state and federal crane inspections to materials testing and analysis—all in pursuit of the truth. There’s nothing we want to know more than: What happened? We work with our clients, not just for our clients. Together, we uncover the origins of a failure, accident, malfunction, deterioration, or underperformance—simply put, what happened—and then we investigate further to understand why and how it happened. When we know why, we help to ensure you can move forward confidently.

Learning the truth allows us to prevent future failures, represent our clients well, and help build more effective, efficient, safer systems. From preventative measures to systems redesign, we work with you to keep you, your team, and your equipment not just operational, but safe.  



The goal of a materials and mechanical forensic engineer is to identify the root cause of a problem, often on a microscopic level. Materials and mechanical analysis work in concert: You can’t have one without the other if you want to truly understand what happened and prevent it in the future. Reconstruction of the mechanical situation and identifying the lack of function points us in the right direction, while deformation, fracture analysis, and materials characterization gets us to the source of the problem—the root problem. 

Together our expert witnesses have hundreds of hours of experience in front of juries and all types of attorneys and clients from coast to coast. Together we have over 100 years of experience and have been in dozens of high profile court room situations. We also have hundreds of depositions under our belts. Our clients compliment us on our ability to bring a highly technical situation to the layperson's perspective. At Kent Engineering we are on a mission to hire the most technically talented, approachable, selfless, and communicative engineers in the country.

DESIGN & Redesign

It’s one thing to identify a problem. It’s another to create a solution. Because we’re deeply familiar with mechanical material flaws and have a roster of experts who can meet your specialized needs, we know what needs to happen design-wise to prevent failures from happening in the future. Utilizing structural finite element analysis (FEA), thermal dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, corrosion allowances, materials selection, and other known methods of proper design, we provide a full gamut of services to ensure your part, component, product, or piece of machinery functions at the highest quality.

Further, we perform all types of field and laboratory simulations to assure proper performance or defect analysis, including strain gaging and residual stress testing and short- and long-term system testing, such as plumbing fitting performance testing or health related equipment testing, all in pursuit of the truth about a specific product, tool, or piece of equipment.


inspection & Evaluation

We conduct field tests and inspections around the world with our mobile equipment and engineering expertise. Our experience in managing site investigation and knowing the right tests and procedures for the right situation is critical. 

Our laboratory is well equipped to evaluate materials, potable water, and chemicals for degradation, defects, or properties that affect the service of the component or product. This precision equipment allows us to collect data in-situ, which in some instances is the most accurate method.

lab testing & analysis 

At Kent Engineering, we adhere to the processes as defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and we regularly perform calibration to assure quality results—these tests provide you with a thorough analysis you can trust.

Our capabilities include microanalysis including: digital scanning microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and light optical microscopy. In addition we employ multiple composition analyses methods, materials identification, hardness testing and microhardness testing, microstructural preparation equipment and testing, strain gaging and residual stress gaging, corrosion test equipment, coating test equipment, microbial corrosion test equipment, and long and short term environmental testing.


Forensics & Failure Analysis

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Design & Redesign

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