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Structural Engineering Services

Structural Engineering Services

Structural design, inspection, and failure analysis is an important part of maintaining infrastructure. Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience in cranes, buildings, bridges, industrial structures, temporary structures, and other special structures. Our structural team can help with a variety of structural needs, and we’ll get the job done on time and on budget. We specialize in building and equipment modifications, though we commonly perform new build services.

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Failure Analysis

Structural design begins with our structural engineers inspecting the site. They then use empirical data to create a new design for the building or machine. We can help solve initial design flaws in the structure of a building, or we can help implement structural changes, such as changing a flat roof to a vaulted ceiling.

Structural Design

Our structural engineers thoroughly inspect the structural integrity of the building in order to identify problems. Identifying and fixing problems when they’re small saves time and money long-term—and maintaining the integrity of a building or equipment’s structure will give it greater lifespan. A structural inspection brings peace of mind helping you know the truth about your building or equipment.

Failure Analysis

When problems or accidents do occur, our multidisciplinary team conducts structure-failure analysis to find the root cause of the failure. Finding the truth matters; we bring a high level of expertise, responsiveness, and scientific rigor to structural failure analysis services.

Why utilize us for structural engineering services?

Our structural experts have been working in this field for many years. They’re also able to work closely with our crane team, which gives them insights into the structures that are being built by these cranes. Our engineers are consistently on time and on budget, and they get the job done—right. 



Our experts


Basri Basri, MS, S.E., P.E., Structural Engineer

Basri is a registered professional engineering and registered professional structural engineer with 19 years of extensive structural design engineering experiences in building and other types of structures including cranes and other hoists, man and material hoists, tower crane foundations, construction elevator foundations and tie-ins, heavy and industrial equipment, bridges, residential and commercial buildings and foundations, cellular tower, storage tank, temporary structures, shoring, facade, and fall protection. Basri understands the importance of providing construction drawings that are properly detailed and attuned to architectural requirements, and is fully committed to engineering design that is sound and efficient. This commitment is reinforced by a strong analytical background in both linear and non-linear methods.

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