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Engineering Disciplines

Materials Engineering

Our materials engineering team possesses extensive practical and consulting experience across numerous industries, specializations, and geographic areas. Our experts specialize in metallurgy, welding (evaluation, procedures, and certifications), polymers, corrosion, ceramics, and coatings. We travel around the world consulting for industries such as legal, insurance, construction, crane and heavy machinery, plumbing, manufacturing, transportation, maritime, and food processing.

Every materials failure has an origin that can be found, and every materials failure can be prevented through proper inspection and design. It is our combined experience, expertise, and relentless pursuit of the truth that empowers us to effectively prevent and analyze material failures for our clients. Truth brings light to every situation. Truth allows our clients to move forward and make decisions confidently.

Mechanical Engineering

Our engineering experts possess extensive experience in identifying failure mechanisms, as well as inspecting and designing mechanical systems and products. Common systems we investigate include cranes and machinery, transport vehicles, marine vessels, plumbing, HVAC, manufacturing equipment and devices, and a variety of products. In pursuit of truth, our mechanical engineers use tools such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), stress analysis, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and testing to evaluate the forces and factors affecting products and systems. Kent Engineering is constantly performing field simulations to prove the corrosion, wear, or fatigue of a system or product and the life therein.

Structural Engineering

Kent Engineering’s structural engineering team holds professional engineering licenses and certifications in structural engineering. Our structural experts have extensive practical and consulting experience in cranes, buildings, bridges, industrial structures, temporary structures used in construction, and other special structures. We provide structural designs, inspection, and failure analysis. All of our engineers regularly partner with our Crane Inspection division to provide all engineering and inspection services associated with cranes and other heavy lift equipment. Our structural engineering team is well versed in everything from conducting forensic investigations to designing tower crane bases. We pride ourselves in being teachers, helpful and capable of communicating the truth behind our findings with every individual—engineer or not. Our team of structural engineers is no exception.

Crane Inspection & Engineering

Kent Crane inspectors hold state and federal certifications. Kent Crane engineers hold both professional engineering licenses and crane inspector certifications. Our team has over 50 years of crane inspection and engineering experience. Kent Crane inspectors and technical staff have manufacturing design experience and engineering training. When the Bellevue tower crane fell in 2006, Kent Crane engineers were the first experts called to the scene the evening of the accident. Since that time, we have provided third-party inspection, certification, and engineering services for tower, mobile, overhead, and maritime cranes, and cargo material handling equipment in the Pacific Northwest. The Kent Crane Inspection Services team includes four crane inspectors and three licensed engineers specializing in metallurgy, mechanical systems, and structures.

Welding Engineering

Plumbing Engineering